I need a rug

I need a rug - student project

So I was lying on the hard wooden balcony floor, watching this class and found myself thinking "I need a rug." 
Inner-me quickly responded "Buy a rug." 
"No, you already have enough rugs" 
"But they're expensive fancy indoor rugs!" 
"... okay, make a rug then."  

As you can see, one of my pain points is my balcony. It could be an oasis if I had a better hand at gardening and interior design so I'll start with said rug. It's a long-term project so all I can present right now is this magical photoshopped picture. 

I really liked the idea of the so-called t-shirt rug. You use old fabrics to built your own, here's a good how-to:  http://nur-noch.com/t-shirt-rug/?lang=en  

I need a rug - image 1 - student projectI asked my friends for textile donations - anything cotton can be used here, t-shirts, bedsheets, curtains ... and everyone has some that they don't need anymore. And since cotton can be dyed, you'll have a unique but fitting new piece made from recycled clothes and fabrics. 

I'll keep you updated when it's finished :D  
Next will be a shelf for the plants. 

Marie Oelker
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