I need A HOLIDAY somewhere in the sun!

I am a beginner at hand lettering and this is the first tutorial I am doing. I am MA student and looking forward to doing my final project by using hand lettering as a medium of illustration. The phrase that I have chosen to hand dray is " I need A HOLIDAY somewhere in the sun! " This sentence popped up in my head because all my wonderful batch mates are out of London on a holiday, enjoying sun on the beach. I however decided to stay back in order to develop a completely new skill from scratch and the only beach experience I get is through the facebook posts of my friends in their swimsuits. So even though I cannot be out on a holiday I can always have fun lettering!

I am looking at a very beachy vintage feel. The poster should particularly express the need of a young girl who wants to enjoy the sun. The look is to be very beachy, bright and sunny. The letters would probably be very flowy like a scarf flowing from the neck of a vintage girl riding a bisycle along the beach.

I am looking forward to come up with a great poster design once i am through with the tutorial.


Here are some key words I brainstormed

Mood Board

Rough sketches of the word 'HOLIDAY'

Revised sketches to follow soon.

Below are the neater version of lettering styles experimented earlier. It would be nice to get feedback from like minded people as it will help me improvise my skills. Can't wait to work further on the project!

So here is the first rough sketch of the layout i am planning for my phrase. Hope to get some feedback and suggestion on this so that I can improvise on it. 

Finl poster layout.


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