I must be dreaming

I must be dreaming - student project

I must be dreaming - image 1 - student project

James Bond: Who are you?
Pussy Galore: My name is Pussy Galore.
James Bond: I must be dreaming.

I chose this line from Goldfinger because it's a great movie moment, but still a good quote out of context.

This was a fairly quick sketch and as I practice more I'll likely change it, but I want to get some feedback before I work on it more. Any comments are appreciated!

I must be dreaming - image 2 - student project

Update: 2nd sketch

I wanted to rework dreaming and then decided to simplify the whole thing. I'm definitely happier with this dreaming but not sure which composition I like better.

I must be dreaming - image 3 - student project

3rd sketch: still not sure what I like best. 

I must be dreaming - image 4 - student project

4th sketch: I cheated a bit on this one. I liked the drawing and composition, but it had some issues. I didn't want to completely redraw it, so I fudged the composition a little in photoshop. Is that considered cheating? Oh well! I'm pretty happy with this one and I think it's probably the one I'll take into the digital stage. It's obviously still not perfect at this point, but I figure those things will be easier for me to fix in illustrator since I'm more comfortable there than with a pencil and paper.

I must be dreaming - image 5 - student project

Digital: I am nowhere near done, but I've started tracing the last sketch in illustrator:

I must be dreaming - image 6 - student project

I think I'm done. I know there are some issues, but over all, I'm pretty happy with it.

I must be dreaming - image 7 - student project

Erin McCormick

Graphic Designer