"I must be a mermaid" | Skillshare Projects

Juliana Nahas-Viilo

Calligrapher, Stationery Designer & Web Designer



"I must be a mermaid"

"I must be a mermaid. I have no fear of depths and a great fear od shallow living" 

I love this quote and was excited to learn how to take it from sketch, to ink, to vector! I was a bad student along the way and didnt take pictures of each stage. Regardless, I'm thrilled with the outcome and excited to keep practicing with more quotes.

My next project is a french quote (pictured below pre-editing.) 

I'm excited to get going on this quote but am a little worried about the layout because half is upside down. I don't know if the best method for editing is to split it into two, rightside up quotes and then put it back together in the end, rotate the quote throughout the editing process, or something else entirely? 


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