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Nicola Duffy

Designer Maker and Teacher



I make the rules! Upsetting the Apple Cart.


So I loved this course and I have been dabbling with incorporating tips from it into my instagram practices all day.  I've downloaded emoji app and I'm having fun trying to find suitable emojis for each comment.  I've also started looking at my analytics and stats and moved to a account to track my Instagram clickthroughs, but the most fun I'm having is with adding words to my photos using, which I learned about on the course.

I've decided to focus on two key aspects of my business and build my brand more strongly based on these two unique features.

1.  I often have people comment that - for the first time ever - they choose their buttons first and then build their knitting project around it.  My buttons capture people's imagination and they want to be able to use them, so they start with buttons, then choose pattern and yarn.  This is completely the opposite of how people usually add buttons to knitted garments!  I'm running a give away online and one of the comments tonight is 'Oh my gosh!  Those vintage floral buttons!  It makes me want to cast on a simple sweater to show those beauties off!'  So I ran with this lovely comment to create this:


I have a bunch of ideas on a similar theme 'Upsetting the apple cart' 'Topsy Turvy' etc. to add one of these to my photo feed at least once a week.

2.  And my other point of difference is that I make the rules, and that benefits customers!  Unlike traditional button buying in stores, customers are rarely limited by what they see on my site because I handmake everything and almost all designs can be customized in some way.  This is my first graphic, but I have more planned (including one blue flamingo button in a field of pink ones etc.)  This is super fun for me and given that I have been in business for six years I am amazed it has taken me so long to attempt to capitalize on these valuable features.  I'm really grateful for this course for making me think about this and giving me the impetus to create something new from a business perspective.



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