"I love good, loud speakers." —Brian Eno

"I love good, loud speakers." —Brian Eno

I'm going to hand letter this quote by Brian Eno and make it into a poster. My hope is it will be good enough to give as a gift to my boyfriend who works in music and loves Brian Eno. I think the quote offers a lot of opportunities to be expressive with varying scale and I'm exploring that in my initial sketches.

Project Milestone 1: Early Sketches (I'm hoping to create some more refined sketches this weekend and would love some feedback)

Some inspiration/research after these initial sketches:

In this piece (above), I really like how the artist combined different styles of type in a unified composition. This is what my first sketch strives for, but does not unify as well yet.

In this type-jar image (above), I really am drawn to the way they integrate content and form. I don't know if this is cheesy, but maybe I could make my quote fit into a speaker shape?

In this flour piece (above), I really like how they used line and ribbon forms to separate the various type styles. It creates the perfect density needed for the composition to work as a unit. I am also going to explore this technique in some way.

I used photoshop to create a rough update of my first sketch. I wanted to adjust the scale and see how that would change the composition. I'm also playing with simple shapes to imply the speaker (below).

I'm still getting stuck on what else to try, so here is some new visual inspiration:

I feel like fancy scripts are not what I'm looking for, but these (above) are really nice! I think vintage is a style that I'm after.

Maybe I could incorporate illustration in with my type? (above)

I also really like these shapes (above). They are both vintage and combine content and form.

Updated sketch with help from some of my inspiration lettering (below):

I thought of some other ways to play with the concept of sound (below):

Got a new brush pen! (below)

New calligraphy pen! (below)

Wow, the width tool might change my whole perspective on hand lettering! I took my crappy sketch and made something decent! I'm so excited! (below)

It was suggested to make the G thinner and D thicker for more balance, and I think this was a great idea (below). I also added my lettering for the word loud and I like the juxtaposition of the two words. I'm still trying to resolve the rest of the composition, though.

Maybe these are getting a little too crazy... (below)


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