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Ladislas Chachignot

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I love US road 66

I decided to take part of this class by looking at all these awesome patterns people made with this class. I always like this type of creation but never took the time to learn and create some in the past. So with this class i've learned how to create some cool patterns for decoration , it can be used for multiple puposes and objects. I really liked to take part  of this class. I've learned some very useful tricks to create thes repetitive shapes. 

I'm back from a journey in USA ( california but i had the chance to go to grand canyon national park ) I enjoyed driving all along some long straight road across Nevada and Arizona states and really liked to drive on this famous road "66".

This pattern is a tribute to this experience, hope you will like it ! 

Here's the process i've followed to create my 1st one ( but not the last one ! )


I've  searched on the web and took some reference photos of cars and motorbikes , old gas stations, desert views and elements that you can see often when you hit the road.

Then i started to design each element ( i forgot some few, the skull would have been cool too put inside the pattern i think ! ) I wanted to create some complex shapes to try a new approach and experiment with that to see if it worked.

I've tried to create groups of colors big elements and small ones to make some variations of colors and shapes to have more rhythm in the pattern like in Elizabeth's ( beautiful ) work.

Then i refined colors to use 5 colors in my pattern. I played with shapes and tried to balance the shapes to make the pattern interesting and try to erase the limits of it so it can repeat itself to the infinite.

I struggled a lot to cut shapes cause some of my drawings were made using "drawing inside" mode and gradient with multiple forms. ( I had to do it again and again ) until it worked fine.

Here's the result :

And that's it for my first attempt, I 'll try to make some simulations of it on some object, cause i saw some great results in other students projects. Again thanks for taking the time to watch my project :)

Here's another attempt , the 2nd one

I kept the same style but changed the subject and color, this time i wanted something more soft with colors. Do you like surfing ? this is a tribute to the "surf spirit". Hope you'll like it.

Every illustrations i've designed used for this pattern

This time i kept more space between the objects to experiment

60's surfer girls power !


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