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Coto Mendoza Puentes

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I love Letters!

I' has been obsessed with the handmade culture.

I started to use it in my typeface design projects like a style and i think this is a great new way to use it again.
Working on this way i chose a great frase of Bruce Mau designer, in his Incomplete Manifesto for Growth:
"Explore the other edge.
Great liberty exists when we avoid trying to run with the technological pack. We can’t find the leading edge because it’s trampled underfoot. Try using old-tech equipment made obsolete by an economic cycle but still rich with potential."

Here the brainstorm, sorry but my english is so basic...

He talk about the potencial of old things applied to new designs and i love :). Here some images for inspiration.

And the Moodboard for inspiration:

First strokes


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