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I like words...

I decided to write a letter originally penned by Robert Pirosh in the 1930s-- this was the cover letter that he sent to Hollywood executives in hopes of finding a job in screenwriting. Unsurprisingly it worked, and Pirosh won several major awards for movies and television shows he'd written. I chose it because frankly, it was interesting, and it gave me a chance to explore writing some really unique words (and more uncommon letters).

I only took one photo of my project, which was sort of unfortunate since I ended up putting a GIANT inky thumbprint over the middle of the letter as soon as I finished (hence the strategically placed envelope).


All in all, I like it. I definitely see myself improving and getting more comfortable using a handful of styles. That being said, I also see a lot of things I would change-- my fifth line looks a bit squished, and the word "toady" is sort of all over the place. I wrote both of these without a lined guide (which you can mostly tell, especially in the bottom line of the envelope), but eventually, I'd like to get a lightbox so that I can use a guide more easily.

I really enjoyed this project, and I definitely understand how writing something can make you appreciate the words that much more!


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