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Marjolein Paalvast

Dutch illustrator



I like big books

In February 2015, I fell off my bike and hit my head pretty hard on the pavement. At first, I just experienced some headaches, some dizziness and my head felt sore. No biggie, I could still go to work. After a week however, things got worse. My balance was off, I was sick all the time, I couldn't see straight anymore, experienced a total loss of concentration and I was tired - so, sooooo tired. All the time. After two weeks, things got worse. Lights were painfull, every sound hurted, I couldn't sit up straight anymore. Something was obviously wrong...

We're now December 2015 and things are gradually looking up, but it took a long, long, long, looooooooong time and many visits to the hospital. To prevent myself from going crazy during my lonely hours at home, feeling utterly miserable, I started to teach myself how to draw and how to hand-letter. This project is the first one I completed after much practising and I'm proud of myself!




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