I left my heart in the Financial District but gained no money.

The Financial District of San Francisco never stops moving during the day. A guy dressed in a nice suit with breifcase in hand and cell phone to his head briskly walks by on one side while a lady rushing in heels with 4 mocha whip americana triple shot espresso balancing in her arms as she screams into her bluetooth headset walks by on the other side. This is the normal daily scene that happens all while being overshadowed by these giant man-made, concrete and steel and glass structures we call skyscrapers that can make you feel smaller than an ant but at the same time give you a sense of empowerment being allowed to walk along side them, marveling at how amazing buildings that tall even exist. 

Here is my represntation of the Financial District through photos. I captured these photos on my iPhone 5s, using AfterLight to crop and edit and Instagram to publish.


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