I learned SO MUCH!!!!

I learned SO MUCH!!!! - student project

First of all, sorry that my cover image is so goofy, shillshare can't let me put the picture in nicely, so I put it below.   I used to put the top image as my class photo.  But not many people were attracted to it.  Then I put just the recipe picture.  The, I went to fiverr and had someone make me the flashy and attractive bottom photo that includes the recipe and BIG letters of the recipe name, so people know exactly what it is when they see it on the screen.

Wonderful class Franki!!!  Yes, we all need someone to help us be accountable.   I have done a few of the tips and tricks that you talked about in the class.  Here are some I didn't know about, and I will change,  update or add:

- discussion, using it like a blog.  BRILLIANT!!!  It gets emailed out to all your followers.

- Challenges.  I didn't think about joining them after I became a teacher.  But using goodwill, you are helping others to create videos and letting them learn from your trials of being a first time teachers.

- Description.  Bullet points being short and sweet, using keywords.  I have a description, but I will be cleaning them up a bit.

- Membership.  Wow, putting links to the other "free enrollment" classes and "join to be premium" links, again, another "ah ha" moment.  Fantastic idea.

- Pivot, I am pivoting, doing cooking prep videos, cooking videos, marketing and direct sales videos.  Thanks again for that inspiration.

Now, all I need is time.  I work part time 3 days a week at an office, work at my kids school the other 2 days as needed as a substitute teacher, I am on the PTO, a Girl Scout leader, and in between all of that, I am a Pampered Chef Consultant, performing kitchen demos to a room full of guests, AND working on my skillshare videos.  Oh, and cleaning and cooking for my own home too.   LOL.

I have been making many checklists, to keep me on track for all the classes that I have still in editing, and classes I want to make.  I do have a Launch plan checklist as well.  I am in that "stagnant" boat now too, with about 30 students in each of my 4 cooking classes.  I need to break free from that and get good enrollments on a constant basis.   Descriptions will be the first thing I work on.

Thanks again for your help, encouragement and much more Franki!

Nancy Ward

I learned SO MUCH!!!! - image 1 - student project

Nancy Ward
Marketing Coach, Cook and Crafter