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I knit to keep myself from unraveling. Part 2.

This is where I finished at the end of the first class. I was not particularly happy with my inked drawing and then I think I over-digitized and smoothed it out way too much and made it too sterile. It removed the charm of hand-rendered type. 

After watching the first couple videos for this class, I decided to try inking one more time and started with just the letters.

I shrunk the size a little and reprinted the above (so the end result would fit into my scanner better). I wasn't overly pleased with the sheep from the last round so I revisted my composition, yet again. Here's where it went:

Yay cat! I feel like these illustrations make a little more sense with the lettering. Knitting on my couch with my cats is my happy place; the view from my lap when I am in the act of knitting would be appropriate than the sheep. Then the spot where my body would be, the lettering inhabits.

Live tracing the beastie. I like my scarf texture but I am not sure Illustrator agreed.

The top top lines feel a little heavy to me; especially in black.

First dabbles of color...

I think I am going to ink another sheet of just details and some texture (stitch lines perhaps) for the lettering. I will probably redo the needles and scarf to be solid and separate and adjust the cats paws a little (the toes disappears in the digitization). I think the yarn balls might also need to be redone but I am not totally sure on how to approach them just yet. 

Added details and a color variant. 

Went back to the lighter colorways at Mary Kate's suggestion and dropped the drop shadow. I tweaked the pink to be a bit pinker in this version...

And tried out a totally different color direction which I think is winning for me right now.

I think the colors alternating on the lines add an extra layer of meaning which I dig; I knit to keep unraveling and I knit to keep myself from unraveling. 

I have textures created; next step will be to drag everything into photoshop.


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