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I just want to make something new and think about it.

I was really excited when I signed up for this class and already had a few phrases to work with in mind. Unfortunately, since I'd been thinking about it already I also had a way I imagined it would end up, but, wanting to go with the process of the class/lessons, I didn't jot down a quick sketch of my original idea and now I can't for the life of me figure out what it was.

I was inclined to abandon the phrase all together so as to start completely fresh with no preconceived ideas, but I'm trying to encourage myself to stick with it for now.

So, I chose the phrase "I just want to make something new and think about it". In most ways I think it describes me well, though I've gotten a bit off track lately and have been focusing too much on the business side of my making and it's been taking away from my creative energy, thus the need for the reminder.

Here is the word I opted to start with..

Now the thumbnail sketches! I feel like I'm struggling a bit here because all of my words are under six letters. Or maybe I'm just looking for excuses, what do you think?

If it isn't obvious, I'm kind of stuck on the whole thought bubble concept. I think the last picture, with the image on the bottom left is my best bet so far. Measuring tape and thought bubble.. but I think I might be a little boring. I also kind of like the bottom right, tying in a few other graphics for visual interest. Honest opinions are awesome, I promise I won't be offended!

So I'm still working on thumbnails. Trying to really get out of my comfort zone and do something different and not just go with my first idea.

I love the symmetry of the top left and the bottom right. Top middle is interesting. Bottom left is fun with the measuring tape. But now, I can't decide which to work with.. or should I just keep sketching more thumbnails. Thoughts?


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