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Jess M

All teddy bears, all day!



I haven't bought an eraser yet :D

Update - pick a random cat on Instagram project
My problem is a lack of patience. Same thing happened with calligraphy.  At least I do have an eraser now.  


Original Post

I hope the 2-nosed cat photographs don't embarrass Mr. Jacobs too much, but as the title of my project suggests, I really need to invest in an eraser. Anyway, here is basically my level of skill at the start of this course.  I practiced along with a couple of the videos yesterday and today.

I have to work on my patience the most, honestly. The idea of rotating 3D shapes was really interesting and I really look forward to the rendering classes.  

Except for middle/high school art classes over a decade ago and a recent interest in drawing and painting cartoony and animals, I don't have much to show in terms of art. I've grown fond of painting very childish teddy bears and I wanted to do this course to just improve basic drawing skills because it would be nice to get a bit better at everything. Eventually, after I practice and improve at what this course is offering, I want to learn some colored pencil drawing techniques as well, because that for me is really a confusing endeavor. Then I'll try some more realistic paintings of animals, just to say I tried it once.

My pictures may stress you out but they really helped me relax this evening. Stay tuned for more cats, chicks, ducks and bears :) My actual project will either be a domestic cat or a bear. Decision in progress!



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