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I have the efficiency of a politican... uggghh

If you looked at my wall you would either think I am the detective or the serial killer in a crime show due to the amount of post it notes, random work schedules and pieces of paper pinned up.  Also I have a picture of a chipmunk with an almond and a pimp drinking coffee which probably isn't useful.  The worst part is I tend just to look at the chipmunk and the sugar pimp everday and not the notes.. 

I work in two seperate parts of the city and go to school in a third part which requires me to commute everywhere as well as be extremely time efficent.  Clearly I am not efficent. 

My goal. Get Japanese.  As in learn to store things inside of things.  Stop wasting space and energy.  Lastly, embrace technology to help make me more effecient with my time so that I don't have to use technology so much with my time. 


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