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I have called my font "Glazed Donuts"


This exercise has been really great in that I learned a heap of new things just playing around in Illustrator.  I didn't particularly like my font when I painted it - it looked kind of blah to be honest - but when I messed about with it in Illustrator and accidentally deleted a small section of one of the letters I realised that I could use that mistake to my advantage to make my font more interesting.  When I'd finished I realised that the letters made me think of donuts... so that is what my font is called.  "Glazed Donuts".  :-)



Finally, after much mucking around and filling of waste paper bins, I've finished painting my font.  I used gouache in magenta and orange (magenta + bright yellow).  I cleaned up the spatters and overruns in Photoshop but I haven't quite worked out the Image Trace thing yet... my first attempt was spectacularly unsuccessful so I just have to go back and watch the lesson again.  I wanted to post this now though because my project was about the only one left without any colour. :-)


DAY 1  

I'm really inspired by this class and so excited to have a guided project to work on. Thank you Amarilys! :-)   

The font I'm using is something I created a couple of years ago using a free program that lets you make a custom font using your own handwriting.  I did it for fun so haven't actually ever used it for anything else.  It's amazing how different (and how much more interesting) it looks when it's blown up like this.  I have a lightbox so the tracing was easy.  Not sure about the painting though!  I'm a novice when it comes to paints so getting started with that part is going to be scary.  Having a deadline and needing to keep up with the class is great motivation. 

Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with... the gallery is already so full of beautiful designs!



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