I have a style (whaaat!)

I have a style (whaaat!) - student project

I have a style (whaaat!) - image 1 - student project

This class is awesome Dylan! I'm looking at my Pinterest boards in a whole new way. 

I always thought the illustrations I pinned were very random and didn't have anything in common. But, here are a few images I pulled, and I can totally see some very obvious trends. #1, COLOR. I'm definitely drawn to a limited pallet with lots of contrast and a bold pop of color. I like shapes that are a little imperfect, never being perfectly geometric, but have a definite structure. I like lines being used for details, adding texture and whimsy. I also notice that most of the illustrations I like have a very obvious focal point. Usually, one key subject that is brought to life through contrasty colors, with fun little detail to add interest to the subject.  

I have a style (whaaat!) - image 2 - student project

I have a style (whaaat!) - image 3 - student project

Working from a drawing I created earlier this year, I decided to try out my new knowledge. I felt so much less lost while creating this illustration than I normally do. I felt like I actually knew why I was making the decisions I was making. I'm still trying to get the colors right to keep the focus on my lady but I feel like it's getting there! 

Alisha Loc
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