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I guess that's why last winter, she got so cold on me.

Chicago, the city that can have every season and weather imaginable in a day... Maybe an hour ha! But I know the veterans of Chi wouldn't have it any other way. So many places to go and things to shoot, it was extremely hard to choose my favorite photos to present in my final project.

Everything shot with my Nikon D800 - 50MM / 35MM /28MM Prime

Here are 10 images that I chose to work with: 

From the 10 above, I narrowed it down to 5 and editted for my final:

LSD - I really liked the warmth on the left and cooler blue tones on the right, and of course the fog.

Fullerton Beach - When I took this photo I literally pulled my car onto the bike path at Fullerton Beach and snapped 5 photos and dipped. Caught an epic splash.

North Ave. Beach - Probably my favorite spot in the whole city. Morning, Day or Night. Specially nights when there's storms!

Sears Tower - The #1 place to visit when you're in Chicago. I only live a block away and I'm always swinging in to see what the cities looking like. Exposures from the top aren't seen very often because tripods aren't allowed. Hold your breath and use the rail.

North Ave. Beach - Told ya I loved this place. The fog has been crazy in the city lately and has brought the opportunity for amazing shots. 

More photos on my Tumblr TheCreatorND.tumblr.com

IG: TheCreatorND

Feedback? The good / The bad / The ugly 

Thanks, Nick


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