I gave it a try! ;)

This table was prepared for a Sunday, Christmas season lunch for my 3 daughters, my husband and myself!

Needs: quite informal because it is a familly lunch. Short red glasses were used for water for adults and children. Only adults has the champagne glasses. For dessert only spoon was needed, because it was creme brulé.

Color Story: red, silver and gold, colors for the season, mixed with blue because it is one of the familly favorite colors. The napkins make the connection between both colors.

Balance: a runner was placed in the center of the table. On that runner the centerpiece was placed with t-lights and other details. It looks more organized.

Botanicals: included in the certerpiece - a pinetree branch - very seasonal.

Personalization: the ribbons with the silver tree balls and the bow napkins. Children favorites such as the angel and the pigeon were also included.

This was so much fun to make, my daughters also participated making the 'napkin bows' and they loved it. They were so happy with it, that evem after we had to take the lace of the napkin, they wanted to include it on the glasses. ;)

I have also tried to use some tips for taking the pictures. Hope it worked out!

Table setting analyses.

Needs: It looks like an informal table, it could be for a lunch between friends on Christmas time. It will be served wine, meat and soup.

Color Story: The base is white and red. Quite typical Christmas time colors. Green is added through accents and botanicals.

Balance: Over the white tablecloth striped runners were added, which organized the space. The small floral central prices create balance. We can see that triangle.

Botanicals: Different white vases were decorated with green and red flowers, looks very seasonal.

Personalization: The ribbons with the pinetree make it personal. I imagine the pinetree somewhere in the room, decorated with the same color pallette.



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