I forgot my Ipod with the T-Rex | Skillshare Projects

Tina Singh

Illustrator/Visual Designer



I forgot my Ipod with the T-Rex

I have sketched on the paper but this is the first time I have used my own work as a reference.From start to finsh I made the composition from all the experiences and things I like. Honestly I was never confident with making my own illustrations and when I sat down to write the word list, I was freaked out.I had so many words in my mind and I had no clue how to compose it all.

I chose 'Loud' as the theme.

As per my wordlist I finally narrowed down to music, monster and mayhem.

I love music and my story revolves around being lost in your world and how music makes you forget everything. But here we have a T- Rex, who is left on the street and how every one is trying to stop him or run away from him. 

After alot of rough sketches I tried to make a rough layout of what I wanted.

But finally I came down to the the final composition.


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