I finished! So fun!

Hey Sam and everyone out there,

I finished the course and below you can see what I've created with the link. It's basically the exact same as what is being taught in the course.

Some differences:

My tick boxes are slightly different, I couldn't find the images shared by Sam, but I just googled some free SVG ones and it works.

I also have changed the interactions of the process section so that top and bottom grid slid in from the left and the middle slides in from the right.

Even thought I believe I went basically pixel for pixel with Sam, I think that my mobile response heading came out a bit different. Not sure where I went different, but still looks good I believe.

Anways, if you're reading this and haven't finished this course yet, I HIGHLY recommend it. Go through it along with Sam, he goes slow enough, but not sluggish. The information is concise and easily digestible. It's a ton of information, but Sam's style of teaching will not make it difficult to watch over again.





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