I feel like a zombie

I used to work out pretty regular approximately 2 years ago. I was using Kinect Fitness games such as Your Shape, Zumba, and Dance Central. I was working out about 3 times a week. I felt incredible and had sooo much energy.  I then started having problems with my galbladder and had  to have surgery to have it taken out. After that I couldn't really work out due to healiing and then I had complications where I was miserable and sick all the time. This made me lose my job and I also only really laid in bed. I found that swimming helped during the summer and I was doing grea  with that until the seasons changed.

I've been having a really difficult time since then and I feel discouraged and frustrated. I want to be back to where I was. But unfortunately, I no longer have the space/area to use the kinect for a workout. I have a school gym so I'm going to try going to that but I happen to get really bored with treadmills. The school has a pool I can swim in, but bringing everything to change, and the showers being gross doesn't make me motivated to doing it consistently.  I know that the's my problem is finding something I enjoy and can do consistently.

I want to get my energy levels back up and I know to do that I need to get back to working out.  I would ultimately like to lose weight and fit into clothing better, but honestly, that's not my main focus, they're just bonus if I get back on track. I find that when I stress myself to lose weight, I don't stick to it. What got me working out originally, was just feeling good. That's my main idea, but I need small goals I can accomplish to do this.

1) Consistent Workouts at least 3 times a week. 
2) Consistently Eat Breakfast, Every Day.
3) Consistently Eat 3 Meals A Day.
4) Consistently Drink More Water Every Day.
5)Gain My Stamina Back.


I've been trying to work on my eating and drinking.  I've been drinking two glasses before eating every meal the last week and it's made a big difference as I find I'm eating less and not as hungry in between meals. I'm also replacing  my meal choices by either adding an extra veggie serving or replacing a side with a healthy alternative. Sticking to grocery shopping more is making this even easier. My College semester starts tomorrow and that's when the real challenge for me starts. 

I'm going to start thinking about what I can do for workouts. Maybe if I change it up each time I go, it will make it more interesting and I won't feel so bored. I might try to look through the quests on Fitocracy for ideas on where to start. I have a hard time with doing exercises because I'm pretty sure I don't do most of the complicated ones right.

I've eaten breakfast every day this week and I'm feeling ecstatic about that. Now I just need to keep up this habit. it's been helping me feel less hungry throughout the day and better prepared to make better food choices. I did have some cake last night but I had a very small piece  and ended up eating carrots as a bedtime snack. 

As for working out, I'm only doing light walking and taking the longer way to class because I think I'm not quite ready to start doing the workout level I want to do. I want to start with easier thinks first and work my way back up to working out. Next week I'll try and go for longer regular walks and go from there.

I've posted all of my light walking for the week on Fitocracy.


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