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I do believe in Fairies!

My first thoughts were I wanted to make a fairy. It would all be very green and enchanted. You can see how that changed!

I began finding inspiration on pintrest and this included the following




The palette I chose to use came from this photo:


I then followed the brilliant class step by step!

My character didn't look very fairy-ish so I chose to just stick to a normal girl - however I still got her to carry some 'fairy dust'.

I played around with the background and the girls dress for a while changing from greens to pinks but I feel the pinks I chose just helped make it all seem very girly - suitable for a young person.

I put my design into RedBubble as I've used this site before. Below you can find my design on cases, pillows and as art.

Please let me know your thoughts. This is only my second time using Illustrator and my second Skillshare lesson.

I have abolutely loved it and picked up some great tips on the programme! So thanks, Shelly!




As discussed in the ccomments, I decided to try some wings on my girl... so here it is!



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