I did it before, I can do it again!

10 years ago I could run a 5K without stopping, had lots more energy, and (the most noticeable difference, to me at least) weighed 45 pounds less. My goal then: Get my body back to that happy place.

The biggest way I can think of to prove that I will have accomplished this, is to run a long distance again. Of course, there are other little goals that I want to work on, but those are harder for me to measure.

Here we go:


- Run a 5K (run the whole thing!) in May

- Finally ditch soda...for good!

- Get into a regular workout routine, at least 3 times a week

- Eat healthier: less sugar, more fruits & veggies

- Be able to do 25 "real" pushups by my birthday (May 9)

I'm hoping if I focus on these goals, they will naturally lead to losing weight, having more energy, etc. Not going to focus on getting to a certain number!


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