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I crave to create beautiful things.


I'm Taylor.

I have already picked my tagline. I tecnically started this project when the class started, but only now putting my project up here. I read another student's project and how she created a pinterest board representing herself. So I took that inspiration and made a board for {myself}.

I am still trying to gather inspiration as to what I want my visual to look like. And this is always where I get confused as an artist. Sometimes I feel it's hard to consider myself an artist because it can be hard for me to be creative at times, but it's this stuff that I love and that inspires me and keeps me going. And that's where my tagline came from: "I crave to create beautiful things". There are a lot of things that I want to create whether it is coming through my photography, my graphic design, or just art in general.

I want to know what fuels other artists. What gives them that "click" to create that piece of art? Is that certain "click" just a part of my brain that's missing or is it like a cheetah running through peanut butter and it's just a tad slow at developing?


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