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I can't live without my "GUM"

Gum is chewy gum is delicious and gum is fun. I blow bubbles with my gum. Gum is healthy I chew it after a meal to keep my breath clean and teeth strong. "Have a stick of gum?"

Gum is soothing I chew it when I need to think harder or when I'm listening to some smooth sounds on my IPod. Gum is sweet yet satisfying. I chew gum before a kiss I share my gum with a kiss. (Smooches).

I can't live without my gum it's with me all the time and sometimes I hide it from others and sometimes I share it with others. And just when I'm down to the last one here comes that someone who ask" can I get a stick of gum'?    SCREAMING  OH NO NOT MY LAST ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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