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I can see a lot of life in you

I have decided to use the phrase "I can see a lot of light in you" for this project. It comes from a Sufjan Stevens song titled "The Dress Looks Nice on You." Check him out if you haven't.

Below are two album covers of his. Since the phraase I am using comes from his music, it makes sens that I want what I make to be somewhat in line with his visual presence.

 This next image comes from part of a gig poster for Modest Mouse. I adore the combination of rough texture with very neat and precise (yet still obviously human) lettering.

And the nest is from the Threadless book (also very very good if you can find one). I am a big fan of dimensionality in lettering, and I think that this solution is simple enough without detracting from the overall interest of what we see here. 

Finally, this is a pattern I have created for freelance work recently, and it reflects the fact that in this project I would like to find a way to incorporate elements of the natural world into the final composition. 

1. I love nature. SO. FREAKIN. MUCH.

2. Natural themes are often present in Sufjan's work. Again, wanting to not go completely astray form his feeling here.

Next step! Playing around with one word. I feel good about this start, however I don't think that I have anything that clicks with the feeling I want to evoke yet. More to come on the front! For now, the initial sketches are below.

As I experiment with different brushes, pens, and tools to create type, I am finding that I tend to prefer simpler style, especially ones that are more pedestrian. Below is a good example: I used a 8B pencil (kind of absurd, I know) to write out the words, then took a picture with an app on my phone that "scans" things as pdf files. I am liking the texture that it produces, and may incorporate that into the final. 

The image below was made using black watercolor and a brush. 

Again, the rougher cursive, SUCH a fan.

More brush exploration.

I spent a considerable amount of time seeing what I could do with pencil texture/angle without a lot of embellishments. 

After all of this, I came up with a rough layout that I liked. I also drew some lovely flora. I used 6 different utensils to see what effects I could achieve. I made them very small so I could increase texture/rough edges once I blow them up in Photoshop.

I ended up getting a little ahead of myself in the process and pulled the below image together. I feel good about where it is going, but it still needs some work. "Life" came from the top right composition in the image above.


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