I can paint a horse.

I can paint a horse. - student project

I've been working on this project for a while now.  It's a quote with two horses and the problem is I'm not so good at drawing a horse. I have problems with the legs.

I will post pics and of course of all my steps and final piece.


I observed the shapes and tried to draw them.

I learned this from the Disney Animation class at California Adventure Park. The focus is on basically sketching a character with shapes and lines. You don't even use an eraser and I love that!  Not sure why but sometime ago I stop drawing like this. Thank goodness for your class! THANKS!


Here's my research

I can paint a horse. - image 1 - student project

I wanted to paint this idea in my head but horses are so hard to draw. What do I do? I take the challenge. In order to help me draw I took on this project of drawing each week and with  observing shapes, curves ,watching a step by step video and your class of course. 

I decided I don't have to draw the entire horse. I could just draw part of the horse BUT I decided to just have fun and paint.

This is what happened.

Oh gosh the J looks like an f and this looks so much better in my head and when I sketched it...maybe the masking fluid didn't work out well here. Well the masking fluid for the pattern on the yellow horse looks pretty good.  That was a new discovery. The sketch, well I did come up with that and the other sketches look pretty good...

I can paint a horse. - image 2 - student project

Okay so I'm proud of  this and the facial expressions are cute. The brown horse is suppose to be upset or worried and the yellow horse is supposed to be saying come on just be.

What to improve on:

  • keep observing the legs
  • draw part of the horse like in my tracing paper sketch
  • smaller dry brush strokes for the grass.
  • have some of the grass go one way and another to reflect a sunny breezy day
  • make a note to observe grass in paintings and next time I go for a walk with Roxy
  • bigger kite
  • not sure why but the horse hair tail yeah not liking the color there. Maybe I needed more thinner strokes with a dry brush. 
  • love using the watercolor pencils for the details
  • start sketching with watercolor pencils and twistable crayons
  • control the water especially when doing detail like eyes

Want to find out more about me and my progress then check out my blog. The link is in my profile


Update June 30 2017

All I can say is practice is helping me discover myself an draw the way I want to draw a horse.


I love the color! I LOVE color and I seem to be good at it! My watercolor skills are improving too!

I 've got lots more ahead of me!



I can paint a horse. - image 3 - student project



I can paint a horse. - image 4 - student project


I'm getting better! If you want to know more see my current practice please come find me on my blog and instagram!

Mireya .