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I can hold on a little longer.


The original story for me was already funny so I was having some trouble to figured out what I could push to make funnier. I don't want to maintain it the way it is also, It's not the purpose of the exercise. So I decided to change 2 things:

1. I have a terrible condition of Paruresis (is a type of phobia in which the sufferer is unable to urinate in the (real or imaginary) presence of others.).

2. My friend is impatient guy and doesn’t believe in my condition.


I've just realized how many different locations my story goes through. Unfortunately I don´t have pictures from me and my friend so that  have to come from memory.


First Story:

I was coming back home from trip with a friend by bus and during the ride I started feeling the need to go pee. The bus toilet always seems to be ocuppied so I decided to hold on and wait until we arrive at the bus station. But I couldn´t predict all the obstacles that I have to face.

This is a story about willpower and shame.

Second story:

When I was a teenager stupid violent greetings between my friends was a very common thing. But once this bad habit could have got me in trouble. It was early in the morning and all students were coming inside the school through the entrance with a big ramp. I saw one of my friends in the middle of the crowd and I had the brilliant idea of stepping on his toes as a “warming” welcome. Going against the flow of people I spotted what I thought was his foot and gave it crushing step on. when I raised my head to see the face on my buddy I realized it was not him.

Third story:

My very first real job was an internship at an important Ad agency. I couldn’t believe I found a place where someone was going to pay me to draw. I was thrilled! On my first day there I went for lunch with my new colleagues: designers, art directors. It was intimidating but  I was trying my best to fit in. After a very nice meal we were heading back the office when misfortune just hit me in the face. I’ve stepped on a dog poop. This is a story about how a giant effort to hide something can fail miserably.

Even though I think all 3 options could be very entertaining, I still think the first one have more potential for funny moments and also could it be more dynamic with the interaction between 2 chars. The only doubt I have is if I’m choosing something very complex to storyboard for the first attempt. Any thoughts?


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