I can draw!

I can draw! - student project

As an illustrator and designer I am always looking for a new way to inspire, break free of clutches and learn something new. I loved Amandines class for it's short, sharp and to the point instruction, and you could really tell Amandine was a knowledgeable teacher. Her tips and tricks, the vocabulary she used and the experiences she shared were invaluable.


Here are my sketches from the four exercises. 


First up: sketching with your non dominant hand. 

This one was hard! I do love that it got me straight into the head space of just drawing freely like a child. I would describe these sketches as messy, authentic and soft illustrations. 

I can draw! - image 1 - student project


Exercise 2 was to complete a drawing without lifting your hand from the page. I took some time with this sketch because as Amandine suggested I was hurrying to finish it as I found it so unpleasant. Taking time allowed me to stop, slow down and really capture some details that rushed me never would have! My sketch feels a little tighter here, more sharp direct lines and still has an element of softness and delicateness.

I can draw! - image 2 - student project


Numero 3: Draw without looking! Simply terrifying! This was absolutely liberating. I looked at myself with my selfie camera on my phone and just drew. I didn't know where my pen was or what it was doing, it was as if I was simply feeling the activity rather than what I would usually do - focus in, realise it wasn't perfect and stop. 

I can draw! - image 3 - student project


Last but not least - drawing with your eyes closed! If you thought not looking was scary, here is the boss mode version! I did really enjoy this exercise, no matter how strange it felt. In my drawing practice I have been focussing on shape and gravitated to artists like Matisse and his cut outs which I feel like shows up here. It's got visible shapes like circles and straight lines and hints of triangles. Seeing this showed me another side to my work, and I would describe it as fast, expressive and bold. I tried three times as the first felt so uncomfortable I had to go again, and again!

I can draw! - image 4 - student project


Thank you so much to Amandine for such a wonderful class and a wonderful afternoon of drawing activities to get me in the groove!