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Mario Furtado

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I can be poor but my heart is noble


this is the draft that I like. I thought that was different from the others I've done. With veins and arteries spitting coins everywhere. But there are many things I would change:


I did some tests and realized how important it is to make them. It opens numerous ways on how can it be done.

I did some warm up and :

1: my quote:

I can be poor but my heart is noble (Eu sei que sou pobre mas meu coração é nobre)

my quote is from a samba song and it tells the story of a poor guy falls for a rich girl. She does not know he is poor and he keeps on hesitating to tell her the truth. Kind of a Fairytale from real life.

1b: Inspiration

It will be a poster.

  1. tint
  2. heart
  3. cards
  4. fast
  5. caligrafitti
  6. script
  7. ribbon
  8. music
  9. joker
  10. king
  11. pooker
  12. happiness
  13. streamer
  14. gothic letter
  15. crown
  16. favela
  17. colorful
  18. royal
  19. medieval
  20. freedom
  21. skull
  22. bones
  23. wood
  24. gold
  25. golden
  26. textures
  27. ligatures
  28. flourishes
  29. money
  30. chic
  31. veins
  32. blood
  33. red
  34. hand paint
  35. blackletter
  36. splash
  37. fast
  38. organic

2: moodboard

There's thousands of great references out there. Here are some.

I like very much those works that have some connection between the letters. I think it can help tells the story.


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