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Phyllis Beck

I'm strong, creative and passionately opinionated.



I believe in community and equality.

01 Community

I believe in strengthening local communities and creating local economies to help buffer people from the unpredictable nature of a global economy. Bringing people together and engaging in activities such as skill trading, community gardens, seeing libraries as a beacon of resources, volunteering, and communicating to all who live within the town that it is their town and they should own it and help shape it. 

02. Responsibility 

I believe that health care and education is a social responsibility. Every person living within a society has an impact within that community no matter how small or large they think it may be. Therefore, we are obligated to address that the suffering or hindering of one person in a community can affect all peoples within a community. What if we allowed everyone the access to free QUALITY education rather than providing better education to those that can afford it from private institutions? How would that impact your community or town. What if we provided mental and emotional support for those who needed it? Would that result in less violence or drug abuse? We need not say that "We need to end drug abuse", but address the reasons why someone may engage in criminal activity or drugs. 

Why do we believe that it is an all for one or one for all society? Success comes from engaging in inter-dependance and taking responsibility for the impact you can have. 

03. Equality

I believe removing the thorn of segregation by sexual preference will help create a stronger and more united america. I am an american and I am gay. Your decisions impact my life. We can come together and decide it is not ok to make laws based on the religious doctrine of a group of individuals in a country that claims to support freedom of religion. If we can do this, we can begin to mend divisions within our society. Lawmakers need not only recognize the hardship and pain that such laws impose but have the courage to make the change that has been long desired. 


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