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Ashley Riner

Fine Art Major



I am redeemed



I am an art major and specialize in in portrait drawings and oil paintings so this is so new to me!  Go easy on me! :) I stink at design but am eager to learn. So I picked the phrase "I am redeemed" as it is something that means a lot to me. In doing this process I have been brought back memories of school and having to brainstorm for essays. eek! I always get so impatient and just want to start working on the final product.

Below is my spiderweb brainstorm. This has always given me a great headache but I did come up with some good ideas! A vintage padlock keeps coming to mind.


 I sketched out some different fonts and noticed I don't like all the caps for the word "redeemed" I think all the "e's" are throwing me off. I think a script type font does better for this word? I also kind of like the one that looks like it's coming at me.


So below are my thumbnails. I wish I had drawn them a bit darker but I think you get the idea. I'm leaning more toward 4 & 6. 6 kind of surprised me because that's not what I had in mind this whole time, but I really like how it's looking. I would omit the little black dots though. I find them not to flow with the rest of it. 1, 2 & 4 are unlocked padlocks. Out of the three I like 1 & 4. Making the keyhole into a shape of a cross was an Idea I liked. Thumbnail 2 & 3 I'm just not feeling it....





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