Myra P

Artist- Author- Lover



I am an Artist

The world doesn't know it yet but I have published a children's book and am working on my second and third book. I hand letterer book covers, and murals....places where everyone can see and benefit from my art.

What's my mission:

I create art that reminds me to imagine and place and I want to share that with everyone who will listen.  I draw for the child who exists in all of us.

I am curious about other artists and their journeys

here is a sample from each of the artsts will follow. I plan  to study them and suround myself with their art and techniques. I will blog and listen to poscastss.







I am also looking and some of my favorite historical artsits. I really want to get better at my art. I believe that embedding myeself in this world i the best way to do that.

Most importantly I will draw and paint every single day-practially

What's my next step. I am working on 30 day challenges and writting for my blog about my experience as an artist.

I recently got a instagram an I am posting all of the ideas I am proud of. What are am I the mpt proud of...the art that I drew with my heart. Thi art is not perfect with straight lines or and exact baseline, stroke and so on but it keeps me imagining and playng and isnt that what makes a person a happy susccess. I will tell you my success story when realse my full hand lettering course.

Stay tuned!


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