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Mireya .




I am an Artist.

For starters I combined practice 1 and 2 here. My joy and warm-ups are whatI I really need to practice right now. 

My goal is to write all of my lettering with watercolr and my new love acrylic paint. So it helps to practice before I begin and just get in the mood.

My joy is painting, lettering and just words that inspire and beautiful monochromatic shades. I am not sure why but they just really spark my sense.


I also love hearts and wanted to draw every way I could think of. Hearts do bring me joy! I find that they unintentionally how up in my work and this brings me joy too.




My little date was having the houe all to myself  and looking out the window on a rainy day and drawing what I see. There I was thnking what to do what to do and then I flipped over my dooble pad and there is literally was- a rainy date craft idea! I used watercolor pencils.


I am so thankful to have found the watercolor experience and congrats on the Mary-Kate project that way beyond Skillshare! 

I am still working on the last part. I printed it up and know just where I will take it...the only person who always has my back even when I don't know where it is.  LOL

Recently I felt the need to create a class about my journal experience since I began art again. This is been of course with your help Ria, but I have been journaling and seeking to find my own voice as an artist for a long time. I have really become involved with the class I put together because I really loved my journal expereince of letting go and as you say letting the creativity take over.

 You see I I really feel like I need to leave the cares behind and just step out of my comfort zone. I went ahead with thie class and just wanted to share my love and tell a story that's dying to be told  I want to thank you for your amazing warmth and encoragement to keep going because throught this exploration and other projects I have learned to keep going and exploring. I really believe that this is my gift and I just want to make art. I have redone the class and posted it for free.  Wow I really am learning and art is amazing in so many ways!  Could this be the key to success to learn like this and believe in yourself. I think it was Pink who said,"Just keep knocking and eventually they have to let you in.


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