I am SO happy!

I am SO happy! - student project

I am SO happy! - image 1 - student project



I suck at knitting. The friends I have who are into fiber arts are mostly knitters. I use to love to crochet as a child and have been looking for cool and interesting projects so I can practice. I also like practical projects; things I can use or can be given as gifts.

My dream is to crochet clothing, specifically dresses.

I was watching the 1970s version of "A Star is Born" and was awestruck by this crocheted outfit Barbara Streisand was wearing. I wanted to make it (and wear it) 



Last year I was on vacation in Oslo, Norway. While visiting several recommended yarn shops my friend, an avid knitter, encouraged me to buy this yarn, Drops - Andes. I hadn't heard of it but she assured me this was a great price given how much it costs in the US. That made sense since it was a Norwegian yarn company.  Though I had no project in mind for the yarn I bought it because I loved the colors. 


My Mitts!

They are totally wonky. I should have finished watching the troubleshooting section. LOL
Shopping for buttons was so much fun.


I am SO happy! - image 2 - student project

My non-crafty friends are all going to be annoyed with me because they are all getting modern chunky finger-less mitts because I cannot wait to make more. 

I am SO happy! - image 3 - student project