I am Derek Long

I am Derek Long - student project

I think I signed up for this class late not knowing it had already begun. I'm just at stage 1 so here's a few final sketches I'm came up with.

I'm a front end web designer/developer looking to get better at logos. I either hire out for branding or just come up with simple text logos. 

With this project I'd like to create a brand for myself and then build my site. I purchased the domain a while back and have been meaning to create something but haven't yet. The domain name is iamdereklong.

I love the outdoors and anything old. I'm also from Tennessee. So I tried to display this through my sketches. 

I've numbered them for reference. Beside each one there's variations that I came up with when experimenting.

  • 1. Captial D and an L combined.
  • 2. lowercase d and l combined
  • 3. lowercase d and l combined
  • 4. lowercase d and l combined
  • 5. random style I thought of, doesn't really go with the others
  • 6. suppose to be a tree line, inspiried by this car type I saw a few weeks back 
  • 7. tried to tie in the box with the script lettering, not sure about this one

(the list function on this editor doesn't really work for numbered lists, sorry for the weird layout)

I am Derek Long - image 1 - student project

Would love to know your thoughts. I've never done this sort of thing but really enjoy it and have always wanted to learn more. 

Update: exanding on the tree ring idea:

I am Derek Long - image 2 - student project


I'm going with the tree look with the D/L in the center. Experiementing with different tree ring looks.

I am Derek Long - image 3 - student project

Update: Trees in illustrator.

I know very little about Illustrator, but I'm already in love. Hopefully these will get better in time, but here's a few ideas for my tree rings. Now just have to put my text in Illustrator. 

I am Derek Long - image 4 - student project

Update: After thinking about the size of the mark I realized I had too much detail in my logos. Working on that now so these aren't complete but I'm working on using less detail on the tree rings. Also I'm working on the type.

I am Derek Long - image 5 - student project

A problem I'm seeing already is that the center ring won't be in the center of the type if the D/L is centered properly. Which looks kinda odd. So I may have to make the type more round...unsure.

Update: Here's the other sketches I have digitized. Also added the D/L which actually looks pretty weird unless the rings are removed since the D is a slanted character. Would probably look better with an O or something.

I am Derek Long - image 6 - student project

I think I've probably ventured too far away from what this class is about as I'm not really letting the "type do the talking", but it's the way my logo went so I suppose that's okay. Any advice would be awesome. 

Hopefully I can choose one or two and move onto the last section of the class where I can refine and add texture.