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I have to admit that this drawing was rough on me emotionally. I went through several phases of absolute hate, and discouragement, to thinking, "maybe this could be good?" I worked and reworked it... maybe overworked it. Yet, it is done and was a major learning experience for portrait work. I was originally discouraged because it was rejected for the cover piece for an anti human trafficking organization event, and had to whip something new up in a night. City council said it was, "too haunting", which, I guess they're right. It does make you feel a little uneasy looking at it. I can tell you that there were many times I wanted to rip this thing in half...even burning it came to mind. All in all, I am glad I did it, and I am glad I am done. Now to make something more uplifting! 

Date: 1-20-14

Chiaroscuro step

This is the chiaroscuro part of my project. I used black and walnut brown. I need to finish the flowers, yet they are taking a long time because I enjoy working on faces over flowers. :) After that, I will try spraying the piece with spray fixative like Marco suggested. I can't believe i never thought of that before! It separates each layer without muddying it. I can't wait to see how the next layer of color looks! Still excited about this project.

Date: 1-17-14

I am a painter, and I recently became obsessed with learning colored pencil after I saw Marco's work. I used to work in colored pencil when I was younger, and started to make graphic novels later using colored pencils as well. My technique and execution looked childish, which is great for children's books, yet, I wanted a more realistic end product. I tried to read every article and interview of Marco Mazzoni, and even zoomed very close in to images of his where his pencils were shown, so I could buy the same products. 

The project image shown is my interpretation of how Marco Mazzoni may have done it based on interviews and articles I read of his (before I found his skillshare lessons). Even though I am happy with the outcome, I think i will really benefit from watching and learning his technique from him. I am excited for this lesson, and cannot wait to see how I improve.

I was asked to make a birthday gift for my coworker, of his wife. I already started the sketching process on Bristol board, and may finish the project before the lessons are complete. Yet, I intend to create more pieces as these lessons continue so I can translate that knowledge into my style of work.

Thank you Marco. I look forward to your class.


Beth Gatza


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