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I actually started teaching my first class today 27th August 2016

Hi Folks,

I'm Arden, I'm only just starting out with teaching on skillshare and I have published my first class today...

Yaay me! :)

The class name is: How to create Facebook Landing Pages using free tools.
Should you decide to enroll in my class, you'll learn a really neat little trick to create Facebook landing pages that can be like mini websites, nested inside a tab on a Facebook page.

These a great to drive traffic to, for list building or direct selling. One of the major advantages of learning this is, you will have the ability to create many single webpages and have them hosted on your google drive for FREE. 

Once you get started with this, you'll see the potential. :)

The picture below is an example of how I use Facebook tabs to have full sales pages in them.


The intention of this class is to give you one specific skill and a set of tools that you can monetize.
I do this on fiverr and get paid to build these landing tabs. (I just gave you a big tip) and there are lots of buyers in need of this service.

Also, at the end of my class there is an attached file with all the resources needed to complete your first project.

That's my story in a nut shell. I'll probably come back and edit this if I remember to add anything important.


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