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Jessie Macaw

Graphic Designer



I Will Never Drink Decaf


Finally some spare time to sketch out some ideas that I have been thinking about. I like the idea of playing with coffee and/or a coffee cup.

Here are my thoughts from left to right (top to bottom):

1) I like the contradiction of using the Starbucks logo because I consider their coffee to be over produced, over polished and a little 'fake'

2) I like that this idea focuses on the 'full glass and summarises me as a coffee head. 

3) This idea plays on the idea of Tasseography (predicting fortune in coffee grounds)

4) I like this idea because, to me, it symbolises the idea that because I throw myself so fully into everything, there is the possiblity that I am leaving myself the dregs

5) In my mind this is the weakest and most predictable of the six but could look good visually

6) Further on from the 'coffee head' this idea focuses on the idea of drowning under my own expectations of myself

I would love to hear your thoughts!

To begin:

I will be honest, I found it quite hard to view myself as an onlooker; but here are my observations. I am not a cup half empty type of person. I like to be busy. I like variety and I like to do things properly. If I am going to play football then I want to play in the top grade. If I am learning something new then I want to know everything there is to know about that subject. If I am going to drink coffee I want the nicest, smoothest and most caffinated coffee I can I find.  I don't believe in substitutes. And I will never drink Decaf. 


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