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I Want to Teach You a Lesson in the Worst Kind of Way

________ 10/22/13 UPDATE

So I started doing the warmups...this week has kind of been hectic with after work activities, but I thought if I didn't force myself to at least post the little progress I've had, the project would go stale and I'd forget about it. And I don't want that to happen. So here we go!

There are my association words. Kind of switching back and forth from a literal meaning (Pencils, desk, apple - things associated with actual lessons) and a more translated meaning as per how the lyrics sound (anger, grave, fist, etc.)

This was me going along with the video. Kind of came out shitty. But not my worst. I decided to jump into my word, and just have an endless supply of eraser shavings, but the result was actually something I hope to base the foundation on.

I really like the way the last one came out. I want to finish the exercise and explore some more options, but right now I'm really liking that one as a front runner.

In a meeting today, I was doodling my quote and came up with a really cool idea for a poster idea... Since the chalk type style is super vintage, I'm thinking it could look really awesome as a WWII style bomb sticking out of rubble with the lyrics on it. I did sketch this idea onto the notepad I had at work, but I left the notepad AT WORK! So I will update that tomorrow.

This guy makes a lot of awesome gig posters...maybe that's something I could incorporate as well.



For as long as I've like music, my relationship with Fall Out Boy has been...complicated. Cast out as an auditory leppar, I've learned to keep my love for this band to myself, never quick to push them onto even my closest friends for fear of ridicule.

That's not to say FoB is exclusively my playlist at all times, I love all music, but my friend asked me the other day what my "deal was" and why I like them so much. I didn't have an answer. I thought about it and thought about it, but could not pinpoint it.

Also, we were a few beers deep so I simply said "I don't know man... they just...speak to me."

That answer seemed to please him as he responded after a moment: "Alright...I can get behind that."

I kept thinking about that question. Why do I like a band that society deems only acceptable for teenage girls and those dubbed as "emo"? I'm a young professional in Philadelphia, I don't dress in black all the time, I don't take selfies, I only post things online that I THINK people will care about – I don't fit into the classic mold of a "Fall Out Boy" fan. After a while of thinking about this I realized:

Who gives a shit?

I realized I didn't need to answer to anyone. I like what I like. If I want to wear plaid and cordoroy, I can do that. I'd prefer jeans and a tee shirt but that's the point – I have that choice. Later on, I realized, that's why I like them so much. They do what they want and they are terribly, unabashedly unapologetic for it.

Long story long, that's why I am choosing to do a lyric from their most recent album, Save Rock & Roll. It's one of the lyrics that just hits the right way and resonates with me.

Now that I've defended myself to the best of my ability (although I did note I shouldn't have to, I felt this project begs some kind of introduction), let's talk about design.

For this project I'd really like to incorporate the style of Chalkboard typography. I've always admired the artists who do this because on their canvas there is no CMD+Z and even erasing is tricky. Yet somehow, they create depth, layers beauty and awe using only two things: chalk and a chalkboard.

I would like to take this style and run with it into the "I don't give a fuck" of Fall Out Boy's manifesto. Although I won't be using these as graphic inspiration per se, these are past treatments of their lyrics:

That's all I have for you guys right now. Please feel free to leave some comments for me!


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