I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud - William Wordsworth




I kind of did the project as I watched (so I did I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud), as I hadn't looked at the project gallery or the class project. I liked the results a lot, so I decided to share it.






Originally, as you can see in the sketches, I was really fixated on a cloud with an eye in it (the cloud representing Wordsworth) so that the gaze of this wanderer could be directed towards something - namely the daffodils (the image I found being from Grafiteria). I also wanted a gradient switching from a cool, slightly desaturated blue to indicate calmness and a sort of austere environment, to a warm and happy golden-yellow to indicate looking from your own state into the happy state of memory.

With the text, I wanted the title/opening line to feel like each letter was wandering into its shape. Only vaguely interested at first, and then more engaged towards the end of the letter's shape.

When I decided I wanted to put the poem onto the image, I found that first the text wasn't thick enough, then felt that I would be trying to cram the title in above the cloud, so I had the idea to shape the title/first line into the general eye shape I'd had in my cloud. It felt like a  good idea to put William Wordsworth's name in there, almost like an iris, but once I'd done it, it didn't quite fit. So I took it, changed the shade of blue, and relocated it towards the bottom of the image, rewriting the first line so that the word 'lonely' would take up the central part of the 'eye'. After doing that, I found an antique paper image to use to add texture to my design. It made the colours a good deal more saturated, but I quite like the effect. It's warmer than my original image, and I feel it conveys a more human feeling than the other did. The texture itself makes me feel like it's a well-worn/loved memory or poem, and the borders I added on the side, fading away towards the top, frame it nicely, I think.



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