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I Smell a Rat

Hello community!

I searched the internet for idioms and I went with "smell a rat". I think it has an interesting meaning, of suspecting deception, and some fun imagery to play around with. I have a sheet with my favorite sketches and a short word list. The sketches on the right are basically a badge type thing that highlight a shady rat character. The middle ones play off of the meaning of the idiom of trickery and deception, the rats suspect an imposter. The last couple sketches show some smelly rats and I think that is really funny.

I will probably take the middle one and top right "work out rat" to completion.

What do you guys think?

Thanks for your time. 




I scanned in the sketch and went over it with the blob tool in illustrator. Did a couple color fill layers and multiplied them. I made a bunch of color comps because it was fun and really easy. I'm not sure which one works the best. They all look pretty smelly to me. 



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