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I S L A N D T R E A S U R E // Kailua, HI

7 O ' C L O C K  ~

This shot was taken just after sunrise. My favorite time of day. Watching another fresh morning begin as the golden light touches the sand. This is joy!


C O M M U T E ~ 

I happily traded in my car for a bicycle when we moved to Oahu. Now, I am all about that bike life. My commute is 1-mile to work and the sun is usually shining. This is something I wouldn't trade for anything!


D A Y J O B ~

So technically my day job would be Customer Service at Whole Foods Market. However, when my creative energy takes over my day job transforms into 'soon to be wifey, Queen of the cottage.' Yes, I like that better... and as I dabble in teaching Yoga and photography my family will always be my number one. 


F U E L ~

Yoga! Between work, the computer, standing, running, lifting and biking -- this is a nonnegotiable. My mat is my quite. My mat is my peace. This is where I let it all go and simply breathe.


H O M E ~ 

Our humble, happy cottage by the sea. 



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