I Remember

I Remember - student project

I remember the little boy doll we used to play with at my grandma's house 

I remember the green plants growing so tall in front of her porch

I remember my grandad telling me about french grammar lessons I haven't learned at school yet 

I remember the time I slept on my dad's lap in the bus and lost my favorite earring 

I remember my grandma telling us that one story everytime my cousins and I ask her to tell us a story 

I remember breaking that taarija  against my cousin's forehead

I remember  singing those cliche songs that I hate now

I remember  sniffing a bead and having my nose bleeding and how scared i was that my mom wasn't there 

I remember  playing chef and using Jackie Chan as an ingredient 

I remember  the moment I woke up from my surgery  and asking for my mom