I Remember

I Remember - student project

I remember wanting to leave IKEA but mom was still looking around.  

I remember stealing chocolate chip cookies off the cooling rack but pretending like I hadn't.  

I remember remember how scared I was when I first experienced anaphylaxis.  

I remember the paramedics in my parents living room helping me to breath again.  

I remember a woman on the floor of Dollar General having an asthma attack.  

I remember playing T-Ball & linedriving a ball into Coach Daves' nuts.   

I remember kicking a boy in the leg before running away because I liked him.  

I remember sitting alone in a hot tub under a full moon while playing fetch with a smelly dog.  

I remember looking into a babies' blue eyes, as I cradled her itty-bitty self in my arms, and seeing the world. 

I remember him standing over her, curled on the floor against the couch, with his fists balled & spit flying. 

I remember walking into a strangers kitchen & the door closing before noticing the gun on his hip.

I remember mopping up a friends' vomit & helping them get cleaned up. 

I remember slipping around on the trampoline while the sprinkler sprayed from below. 

I remember cutting my hair in the bathroom sink and getting disappointed feedback from adults. 

I remember the wooden spoon my neighbor beat her kids' asses with. 

I remember faking injuries to get out of social situations. 

I remember Christmases when everyone was still alive. 

I remember making messy art projects & being encouraged to learn through doing. 

I remember watching ants build tunnels in the sand through a clear, plastic tub.

I remember not caring about test scores and marking 'C' for every answer. 

I remember wanting to live in the tree next to my house. 

I remember waiting in line for a Choco Taco from the ice cream truck. 

I remember someone excitedly showing me a picture of his babys' first poop. 

I remember writing songs & being too shy to sing them aloud. 

I remember the times I've felt the world spinning. 

I remember going to friends houses where we were allowed to watch rated R movies. 

I remember being blamed & shamed when a family pet ran away. 

I remember learning to braid hair when I went to a church youth group. 

I remember the person in my Spanish class who made me question my sexuality. 

I remember a veteran telling graphic war stories to a room of 12 year olds. 

I remember how it felt to be believed. 

I remember the best & worst sex of my life.I remember friends' secrets I am keeping. 

I remember wanting my parents to adopt me a brother from Somalia after seeing pictures of orphans. 

I remember standing alone in a field of flowers with the sun on my skin.

I remember police with guns drawn outside my window.

I remember petting a wild fawn sleeping under a tree. 

I remember thinking my stomach might actually explode after eating too much. 

I remember the time my best friend saw my butt when I stood up in a hospital gown. 

I remember being in the front row of a Donald Trump rally & not reaching out to shake his hand when he walked past me. 

I remember my dad carrying me to bed when I fell asleep in moms' arms in the rocking chair. 

I remember being a bully to my sister.

I remember shaving my arms once in middle school. 

I remember soothing & grounding a boy to the present moment while he had an anxiety attack. 

I remember kissing her under the stars at the fishing dock we snuck off to. 

I remember laughing for hours with my friends who get me. 

I remember crying on the phone to a friend after learning of another group of kids getting killed at school. 

I remember witnessing a full-body submersion baptism at a Mormon church. 

I remember giving in to pressure. 

I remember walking on water in an inflatable orb. 

I remember wanting dreads for seven years straight. 

I remember coming out of the closet to be met with acceptance. 

I remember smoking around the fire. 

I remember swallowing my voice.

I remember when I wanted to look cute for other people. 

I remember she had a car, and tattoos, and I was 14 and scared to hold her hand. 

I remember having knives pointed at me. 

I remember catching snakes & kissing them.

I remember climbing in & out of windows so I could visit a girl. 

I remember taking my shirt off at the beach for the first time. 

I remember when it was still fun to scare myself with horror movies. 

I remember raccoons stealing our chips & eating our drugs :( 

I remember climbing to the top of every playground. 

I remember blood in the bathwater. 

I remember my reasons to stay sober. 

I remember walking face first into spiderwebs. 

I remember when another student made me feel included. 

I remember drawing on my hands with marker & being reprimanded. 

I remember purposefully talking with my mouth full at grandmas' kitchen table because it made my sister laugh. 

I remember isolating myself & hiding from the publics' view before COViD-19. 

I remember being taken care of by my mother after a major operation. 

I remember watching people shrink into specks from a plane window. 

I remember building teepees in the forest behind my childhood home. 

I remember when the flames grew out of control & we had no water to contain them. 

I remember being really interested in the Holocaust & researching it as a tween. 

I remember piercing my lip at 14 and feeling proud. 

I remember sleeping outside in my citys' streets.I remember cutting class.

I remember feeding insects to spiders. 

I remember what it's like to question my place.

Matthew Goetzka
It is by no accident that you are here.