I Remember...

I Remember... - student project

I remember the look on Zoe's face when she saw me for the first time in years.


I remember calling Jane for advice when the job situation got too much for me.


I remember Matt and Sarah visiting me when I had broken my toe.


I remember staying awake all night on Christmas Eve, waiting for 6am.


I remember our misspent youth, when we had fireworks and set two off, trapping Matt and Paul between them.


I remember the excitement of sitting in the cinema, waiting for the first new Star Wars in years.


I remember telling Sara about my Mum being in the hospital.


I remember spending all those lunchtimes with Kerri.


I remember all the plans we made for the millennium, only to end up in the same old pub again.


I remember getting annoyed with Matt when he would come round to watch a film, but wouldn't leave until late.


I remember running like mad when Scott jammed the school gate shut and the caretaker saw us.


I remember waving to Dad as I walked home from school when he worked at the top of our road.


I remember the sense of adventure I felt when walking the long way home as a child.


I remember listening to Kerri talk about her Dad as I tried to read the newspaper.


I remember getting drunk when I got my heart broken.


I remember all the movies I watched with Paul and Phil at the flat.