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I Paid a Bribe

I am also considering using the outline of Mexico to create the logo. This is a start, although I want to get the lettering to conform to the shape of Mexico.

Just another iteration. I removed the handshake on the H and had the eagles facing outward as opposed to inward. Just platying around to see what works best.

I am going for a badge look. I incorporated the eagle that is used as a symbol for 'Made in Mexico' to reference back to my country. I also changed the proportions of the logo to those of a golden rectangle (see the difference with the project cover photo).

This is the first iteration of logo ideas for this project. The phrase 'Yo Di Un Moche' means 'I Paid a Bribe' in Spanish. Moche means a 'snip', and it's a slang word for bribe used I  Mexico. Feedback is welcome, thanks!

I am creating a logo for a crowd-sourced corruption fighting website, where citizens can submit anonymous reports of bribes they have submitted, this way establishing the market price of corruption to help fight it.


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