I.O.U. Nothing

I.O.U. Nothing - student project

Title of the Podcast:
     I.O.U. Nothing

Target audience:

        1. Millennial progressives interested in feminism represented in current events & pop culture
        2. Information specialists and those who enjoy well cited/available sources.
        3. Queer/alternative adults exploring mental health and cultural constructs.
        4. Those who identify outside of societal norms, irregardless of gender, religion, etc
        5. Individuals who associate with the “creepier/darker” walks of life who enjoy the mysterious, macabre, and the morbid.

Description Paragraph:
     I.O.U is a weekly podcast where we take a shot, and then take a shot at whatever is on our minds. From being LGBT in the Bible Belt, to exploring the good, the bad, and the ugly of mental health. Kick back while these two queerdo feminist best friends knock one back and explain why we owe you nothing.


First Four Episodes:

  1. “We’re Here, We’re Queer, Whassup?”
    1. Queer history, southern queer experience, internalized homophobia?

  2.  “Coping With Covid”
    1. How we’ve been dealing with the shortcomings of the pandemic, what we’re doing to keep ourselves sane/dealing with mental illness, especially in a country that politicizes a virus.

  3.  Multi Level Manipulation? Do tell! 
    1. Content Idea: MLMs and how they’re actually awful and prey on those potentially in need.
    2. Guest: Kelly Burnette
  4.  Title Pending - The Horrors of The Black Plague Friday. 
    1.  Retail/customer service horror stories, commemorating the potential lack of black friday this year?